Florida is great state with lots of places to go and lots of things to do There’s a lot more to do here than sit on the beach, though I don’t advise you to not do that… of course. But how about also going for a little run? Maybe while avoiding zombies? Maybe while running through an explosion of color? Maybe even as a zombie.

Monster Runs LLC is a local family run event planning group that puts on a few runs every year. Two of them are coming up on October 26th if you’re in the Tampa area and November 2nd if you’re closer to Orlando. – The 5K Zombie Run and The 5K Color Blast. What’s great about these runs are that they are both in the same location on the same day so you can make it to both of them without an issue. Of course, that isn’t the only great thing about them.

Have you ever run in a zombie run? The first thing to know is you can choose to be a victim, I mean runner, or a zombie. If you are a runner you get to zig-zag your way along trails and through zombies. If you are a zombie you get to basically legally hunt humans. But in a nice, fun way. Either way it’s basically a playground for adults, no maturity needed. It’s fine to run if you aren’t used to running, because though you might want to sprint through the zombie infestations you can walk in between and catch your breath if you want.

The color blast is just as fun, but totally different. I’ve gone with small kids and they’ve had a blast. Not that kids shouldn’t go to the zombie run, but they’ll really love this one. The only issue I had running (walking) this one with kids is my nephew kept wanting to go through one color again and again so it turned out to be quite a long run. Wear white to take advantage of all the color and be prepared to have fun.

If you’re really a glutton for too much fun do both! The 5K Zombie Run stats at 9 am and the 5K Color Blast starts at 12:30 in both Tampa and Orlando. Bring a lunch and picnic in between. You get a t-shirt and a finishers medal for each race, if you run them both you also get a fun run challenge medal.  Everybody likes their running to come with bling, right?

My friends at Monster Runs LLC have offered four tickets to give to my touristy readers. Two winners for The 5K Color Blast and two winners for The 5K Zombie Run. Enter to win your tickets below by September 12th. There will be a random drawing on September 13th, the winners will be notified by email and I’ll send Monster Runs LLC your information so they can get your winner’s code to you. If you don’t win (or you need more tickets!) use the code TOURISTLIFE to get your tickets at a 20% discount. You can find current pricing information on thier websites.

Here’s what you need to know to play tourist:


The 5K Zombie Run https://www.the5kzombierun.com/

The 5K Color Blast  https://www.the5kcolorblast.com/