Scream-a-geddon has been around for a few years, but this is the first year I went. To sum up my opinion, I’ll be there every year from now on. I’ve been to all of the big Halloween attractions, but this one is my favorite.

When you walk in you are basically walking into a circus. There’s beer, food stands, and plenty of places to sit and enjoy. There’s even a fire pit, which I kind of love. It has the feel of a bunch of people getting together at a backyard party. But of course, there’s a catch. Let your guard down and you are likely to be joined by an evil clown or some other creature out of a nightmare. Actually, keeping your guard up won’t help a bit.

On the night I went the lines for each attraction were incredibly short, we went through all 4 haunted houses, through the haunted woods, had a drink and went through Rage 3D a second time and still left before they closed. Try that at one of the bigger parks! To be fair, I went on Tuesday. I’ve been told the lines are significantly longer on a weekend, but they’re also open later so it evens out.

Of course, it doesn’t matter how cold the beer is, how fresh the lemonade is, or how warm the fire is.  You go for the screams.  Scream-a-geddon does not disappoint.  All of the haunted houses were longer than the usual and they all had a LOT of people working in them.   I don’t know who puts this together but the sets and costumes are incredible. Especially considering this is a seasonal pop-up, not a year ’round attraction.

I’m just telling you about these in the order I went in, I seriously liked all of them too much to say I have a favorite. 

The first house we went into was Rage 3D. It is, of course, 3D. Angry evil clowns and a lot of them.  It was pretty great.  Next up? Blackpool Prison where the not too redeamable prisoners are in charge.  And if you are brave enough to wear one of the glow necklaces they will give you at the door they’re in charge of YOU too.  This is one of two interactive houses.  If you choose to be part of the show you are – the actors can grab you and take you away from your group. I thought about doing that for about 5 seconds and then remembered I’m not about that life.  Maybe next time?

The next two we went through were Dead Woods and Demon’s Revenge. 

Dead Woods isn’t actually a haunted house – it’s a nice long walk through the very dark woods.  There are very dim lights showing the path to follow and one person in the group gets a little glow lite to show the way. I think that’s just to give you false hope because it does not light the way at all.

Demon’s Revenge is basically a haunted church and you KNOW that’s not good.  Some of the set pieces here were the best in the park. If I really had to pick a favorite this might be it, but it would be close.

The last house we went into was Infected Ground Zero. This is also an interactive house where you can wear a necklace telling the inhabitants you are fair game.  I still wasn’t brave enough. I didn’t get a picture but don’t think it’s because it wasn’t good. The actors in this house were great and I the scariest person all night was here.

Scream-a-geddon also has Zombie Paintball Assault, which I haven’t yet tried. It has an extra fee but you can shoot zombies with paintballs, so…

Maybe next Tuesday.

Here’s what you need to know to play tourist:

27839 Saint Joe Road
Dade City, FL 33525

(813) 452-5412