I don’t think there is anywhere quite as Florida tourist as  a summer night at Pier 60 on Clearwater Beach. Not because it isn’t full of locals (it is) but because it’s just the perfect vacation place. The center of all of the action is the pier.  On summer nights it’s lined with booths full of beachy, artsy goods. There’s always a few painters and jewelry booths as well as more unusual art. They have a nightly festival ‘Sunsets at Pier 60’ 364 nights a week from 6:30 to 10:30 pm.

If you go to the left of the pier (looking from the beach) you’ll find lots of people on the beach throwing a frisbee, playing in the water, and just hanging out.  There’s a walkway following the beach and a few restaurants if you want to get a bite to eat.  The beach in the other direction tends to be much less populated.  You can walk for a pretty good distance along the water, and you’ll pass people here and there but for the most part it’s pretty quiet and peaceful. I absolutely love walking in the edge of the water at night listening to the waves. if you get tired of quiet and peaceful just walk away from the beach, between the buildings and you’ll end up on the main drag where all of the people, shops, and places to eat are.  

Right off the pier they have a street performer.  There’s a pretty good variety of what you might see. I’ve seen some break-dancers, magicians and musicians. Last time I went there was a girl twirling fire.  Not something I want to try but it was fun to watch someone else do it! I love the fact that you never know what you are going to see, but you know it’ll be something good.

There is also a bungee jump and a few other activities in the area near the pier. I haven’t braved these yet but they look like tons of fun. Maybe next time? During the day they have huge inflatable slides but those are down at night.

Either before or after you hit the beach area you can walk along Mandalay Ave near the beach and find all of the tourist beach shops you could possibly need.  if you need a bathing suit, cover up, or surf gear they’ve got you covered.  Be sure to hit Ron Jon’s Surf Shop and to stop somewhere to grab some pizza and ice cream for the full experience.

The one negative about Clearwater on the weekend is the parking.  Bring your patience and be prepared to pay for parking.  It’s worth it,  use spending a few minutes looking for a parking spot as an excuse to stay longer to take full advantage. 

Here’s what you need to know to play tourist:

10 Pier 60 Drive
Clearwater, FL 33767

(727) 434-6060